Join the Mission to Reuse Technology Through a Stress-Free Solution that Pays Cash

Our Mission is to REUSE technology, instead of e-WASTEing it.

We focus on cultivating meaningful relationships with ethical enterprise organizations that take pride in their environmental and social policies. We call on every company to join the Mission Reuse without compromising the bottom line. Put your disposal on “steroids” and turn on the MISSION part in your decomMISSIONing process.

Joining the mission will pay you cash.

By choosing to work with us you are joining a mission that is dedicated to helping the environment and helping less fortunate human beings around the world with equipment that they could not afford without us stepping in. And don’t forget, you are also making money along the way!

If we accept your assets for processing you will receive the following services and you will pay nothing. Plus you get Cashback for the residual value of the equipment. The hard Cashback number is presented to you before assets are picked up – you are in full control of your material.

Send us the list today to get your accurate and reliable hard Cashback number. Don’t know how to organize the inventory to get an accurate number back? Reach out and request the template from us!


All services are free for qualified inventory


Hard cashback number based on clients’ inventory list


Nationwide white-glove pickup


72 hours removal service


Zero landfill policy guarantee


Solid and transparent chain-of-custody


NIST 800.88 standard data destruction


R2 compliant equipment handling


Mission Reuse believes that responsible reuse activity applied to the enterprise sector not only reduces waste and pollution associated with the processing of e-scrap but helps those who can’t afford the latest and greatest of technology.

How we can pay cash

Our company has been in the reuse industry since 1993, and we are still going strong. We have an impeccable reputation for being honest and transparent in all that we do. When we say we pay cash and don’t charge for our services, we mean it.

Over three decades of working with huge companies all over the United States and the rest of the world, our clients have seen, firsthand, that:
  • No out of pocket expenses
  • We pay cash for reusable technology
  • Our customers do not pay for disposal
The reason why we are able to achieve this is simple. If the equipment that the company asks us to pick up can not be reused, we will not pick it up. We are committed to staying true to our clients and ourselves as well.
By joining our mission to reuse you will be partnering up with a company that keeps its word and continues to be an asset for other companies all over the world.

See Mission Reuse In Action

Mission Reuse loves to build long-lasting, sustainable, partnerships with organizations around the country and the world. We have a collection of success stories and case studies that show how helpful our mission has been for many major names in the industry.

our Since 1993 we have helped the best asset management teams in the industry with their mission to do good with their unneeded IT technology – user equipment, networking, storage, midrange, mobility, POS, medical, data center, and much more. We helped clients even with entire manufacturing plant decommissioning. 

Our mission works with multi-million and multi-billion dollar companies. Some of our clients are government entities, and financial institutions on one side, then countless organizations and entities globally who can’t afford the latest technology on the other side. Everything we do is in full compliance with laws and standards of environmental protection and data security. Last but not least, don’t forget about $35M of cashback generated for our clients, companies like yours.

Read our case studies and see the kind of impact our mission has made so far.

Major US Retailer

In 18 months, we cleaned 768 company stores in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Processed 2000+ skids of e­waste, properly disassembled obsolete equipment, sorted it by commodity type, and compliantly recycled.

Major Telecom Company

Mission Reuse helped this client to remove and responsibly dispose of 350+ data cabinets, 1,000+ lb each, from 20 data center locations across the United States and Canada.

Global Pharmaceutical Company

We offered this client the best terms and the highest price for their laptops. To date, cooperation with Mission Reuse earned the company $40,000 in positive cash flow.

We are Industry Changers

Working with us provides pivotal benefits that are much greater than merely getting cashback. You help us make a difference for the community and the environment.

Partnering with our clients, our mission is to repurpose decommissioned technology into sustainable equipment that can be made useful again.

We are a reliable disposal logistics management firm. We get the job done and pay you cash. 

And keep in mind, we help to provide solutions to the less fortunate, while preventing thousands of tons of materials from being added to landfills, or shredded and smelted into commodities.


First Reuse then Recycle

90% of the assets picked up from clients are strategically re-used. The remaining 10% is recycled in compliance with regulatory standards. Nothing is getting wasted.

  • We pay cash for reusable technology
  • There are no upfront costs for our services
  • Any fees owed will be deducted from the cashback value of the equipment
The reason why we are able to achieve this is simple. If after we analyze the list of equipment that the customer sends us we find that there is not enough value for all costs to be covered, we pass on the deal.
Before we commit to picking up the equipment we know its value, and we have already provided the customer with a hard cashback amount that they agree on. There are no secrets or hidden costs.
We are committed to staying true to our clients and ourselves as well. 

No waiting for weeks, all you have to do is let us know what and where we need to pick up and we will take care of the rest.

Don’t have a template on how to put together a good list? Please send us a request, and we can provide a very ergonomic form that was developed by us and tested by hundreds of clients who are in the same position as you. 


Service Nationwide – White Glove or LTL


Upfront hard cashback number


Zero out-of-pocket guarantee


Zero Waste – 100% Reuse


Your Problem is Solved in 3 Days


72 Hours to Pick Up


Cashback Guaranteed


White-Glove Service – A to Z is done for you


90% Reused as Equipment


10% Smelted into Commodities


0 Goes to Landfills


Helping Companies Since 1993

How to Join

  1. Send us your list of equipment
  2. We analyze the list and accept the challenge
  3. We Schedule the Pick Up (We come to you, wherever you are in the US)
  4. 95% of our clients get paid. The rest pay nothing.

You cannot move forward with digital transformation if you’re putting a lot of energy into old systems.

– Jim Hall, Founder and CEO, IT Mentor Group

Dedicated to Handling aging technology the best way

Stop throwing perfectly good used technology into recycling shredders if it can be used by others.

It is of the utmost importance to completely eliminate and sanitize all data that could be present on a hard drive before it is considered secure. Mission Reuse wipes all hard drives received, with no exceptions, in compliance with NIST 800.88 or destroys them in compliance with R2:2013 standards.

A Certificate of Data Destruction with a serialized list of all drives is a standard deliverable for every project.

Every piece of technology that passes through our services is documented, tracked, and audited. We provide a thorough, detailed report of every piece of capital equipment that we handle line by line, serial number by serial number. Nothing falls through the cracks.

Choose the Right Way

Since almost nobody dumps technology assets into the trash in today’s America, throwing perfectly good equipment into recycling shredders is not an option either.

Mission Reuse takes the disposal to the next height – doing a better job than recycling and paying you money for it. And you don’t have to lift a finger to have it all. This is where technology decommissioning comes in.

Giving your technology to organizations that are not suitable to handle it is the wrong path. Non-qualified organizations have no due process to remove data,  user stickers, or asset tags.

Non-for-profit organizations, accepting donations in a form of used IT, do not have the necessary processes in place for the proper handling of your assets. The end user companies you give the equipment to for reuse currently, may hold your organization responsible for logistics, post-delivery, and warranty services. They may expect you to donate fully reusable product, that encrease your company’s cost of ownership even more, instead of reducing it. Donating directly, skipping the asset value recovery partners, will not only encrease you cost of ownership but also encrease your environmental and data security exposure. Join the mission and manage your excess assets in the best possible way, that is offered by the current state of the industry.

Joining the mission will require a strategic mind shift for your entire organization.


Employees will have to use their hardware more carefully, understanding that they protect the value of the assets for better recovery for the employer and provide better used equipment to those that will come after them.


IT managers will have to maintain the conditions of the technology on a higher level and keep a better account of the capital assets to report it to internal stakeholders like accounting, finance, business analytics, sustainability, security and technology management.


The top leaders will have to start accounting for productivity of the employees as well as cost of ownership and find a most effective way to bring the productivity on top and cost of ownership to the lowest possible level.
We will take care of the rest.


Wherever You Are in the US, We Will Come to You.

White-Glove and LTL logistics are included in our service. Leave the logistics of the process up to us. We will come to you. We have been in business for a long time and have always come through for our clients. We make the process as simple and easy as possible for every organization that we help.

Scheduling and Dispatching. We contact the client and gather necessary information. Once we know what we are picking up we make sure that we send the appropriate resources to ensure a smooth recovery.

Pickup. We send our crews to the client’s location where they recover and remove the designated equipment. Every establishment will have its own unique needs, however, in most cases, we can pick up the equipment between 48 and 72 hours after the initial request. In the event that a certificate of insurance is required, we can usually provide one on the same day the request was made.

Packing. Procedures will vary depending on the equipment and the final destination. Our professionals will determine what is best suited for each client. In most cases, all equipment will be palletized with carboard between layers and shrink-wrapped. No matter what the situation calls for, you can trust that our crew will be able to handle it in a way that is both efficient and safe for all involved.

Shipping. When it comes time to ship the equipment we take care of everything. We use every opportunity we get to streamline the process and ensure the most direct route to the processing facility.