Case study

Major US Retailer


768 individual stores across 13 US states


All pickups were made on 24 hours’ notice


2000+ skids of e-waste processed


A large US-based international retailing group made a strategic decision to upgrade its existing POS infrastructure. The company needed to find a simple, reliable, and compliant way to dispose of its old equipment and other related e-waste.


The company’s extensive network counts hundreds of individual stores across 13 states and the District of Columbia. Most of the store had only a few pallets of e-waste, but the storage and dock space in each location was limited and valuable. In addition this company required serialized reporting and weight accounting by the location, as well as customized invoicing and disposal certification.


Mission Reuse won the tender by offering a very simple operating model: fixed, per-pallet charge regardless of its content, weight, or measurements; streamlined logistics that ensured simultaneous, just-in-time pick-up from 4-5 stores daily; invoices and reports to adhere to the company’s policy; we integrated our process into the company’s internal management software to provide real-time tracking and reporting.


In 18 months, we cleaned 768 company stores in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic. Processed 2000+ skids of e­waste, properly disassembled obsolete equipment, sorted it by commodity type, and compliantly recycled. We collected serial numbers and documented each piece of equipment and provided client with complete reconciliation report for client’s asset management department. The cost for this client was reduced after reselling of reusable assets on secondary market.