Case study

Major Pharmaceutical Company


5 segments of company IT refresh projects were completed successfully


$40,000+ in positive cashback


Full refresh was completed within a year


This company is a leading biopharmaceutical company focused on battling cancer and developing innovative drugs and treatments for cancer patients around the world. Our client was replacing its old computers with new ones and wanted to recover the maximum value. All the laptops were in different conditions, they needed to be tested and brought to resalable condition and then to potential buyers.


With the previous IT disposal partner, this company was never sure how much cash back it would recover from each lot. Moreover, the provider charged the multi-layer upfront processing fees before every project, which often resulted in negative net returns for the company.


Mission Reuse ensured positive return for qualified equipment, simplified the payment structure, and streamlined the collection and technical evaluation process. We did not require any payment at all because all the project expenses were offset by the recovered value. Also, we developed a simple, transparent, and flexible payback estimation system based on laptop class and condition that helped client to calibrate the value and predict the recovery in advance.


As a result, we offered this client the best terms and the highest price for their laptops. To date, cooperation with Mission Reuse earned the company $40,000 in positive cash flow. This value recovery project was so successful that Millennium retained us for another four similar transactions to complete the full refresh cycle.