Case study

Major Telecom Company


350+ data cabinets, 1,000+ lb each removed and responsibly disposed of


20 data center locations spread across the United States and Canada


No cost to the client. Full-service removal: white glove, logistics, and processing


Company was a leading provider of telecom business solutions for wireless communication service providers including cloud and hosted/Saas services, with over two billion subscribers across the globe. In one of the projects, this company helped their customers (T- Mobile, Bell Canada, and some others) upgrade IT equipment in their facilities.


This company was struggling to find a perfect vendor for the project, who could offer more than just a pickup. All the data centers were located in remote areas and hard to approach due to specific building conditions. Zero or limited loading space that had to stay clear required accurate on-time pickup and specialized trucks to collect tall and heavy data cabinets. Besides, the vendor had to efficiently dispose of the old equipment.


Mission Reuse developed a custom-made solution to meet the requirements of each location. In some cases, we sent a professional technical team to help the company to collect HOD serial numbers on-site for auditing purposes. In others, to access the company’s data centers located in union-run buildings, which could only allow other unionized companies to enter their locations (e.g. a union high-rise building in Manhattan), we sent a union-run freight company. And, of course, for each location, we arranged just-in-time pick-up even though sometimes we had to do it at midnight over the weekend to minimize the downtime of the company’s services.


As a result, Mission Reuse helped this client to remove and responsibly dispose of 350+ data cabinets, 1,000+ lb each, from 20 data center locations across the United States and Canada. All cabs were delivered to Mission Reuse location in MA, processed and reported at no cost for Client.