Case study

Major US Dairy Marketer


Multiple locations in almost every state


130+ projects successfully completed in IT and Rugged mobility departments


$280,000+ value recovered


This client is a national milk marketing cooperative in the US, based in Kansas City. The company markets members’ raw milk and dairy products to wholesale buyers both domestically and abroad, representing about 22% of raw milk production in the USA. Mission Reuse serves this company on a national scale. We have completed more than 30 projects with them.


People in charge of disposal are different across all the locations, the types and conditions of the equipment are also different. Some of the company e-scrap is not reusable, while other assets are highly reusable. Some users send us e-scrap in skids and pallets, others need used equipment to be collected, packed and palletized on site. That is why Mission Reuse builds a customized approach every time there is a need for disposal at any of the hundreds of company locations.


At Mission Reuse, we continuously process the equipment and generate disposal reports. We perform pick-ups on a needed basis, keeping the company clean and making sure that the disposal process is streamlined. In the case of this company, the client never pays us anything because some divisions generate significant recovery value to cover the cleanup expenses in projects, while there is negative recovery value in other divisions.


Despite the diversity of equipment, our optimized activities allow us to bring the entire disposal process under the same root and the same standard. Mission Reuse keeps all the procedures under tight control and makes sure that the chain of custody is always observed. This way, we guarantee fast reverse logistics and disposal on a national level.