Case study

Global Tech Company


8 years of successful cooperation removing excess from US, Europe, and Asia centers


Hundreds of thousands of assets were repurposed without conflict with the existing distribution channel


$2M + of positive cash to the customer after value recovered


For eight years before it was acquired by a large technology company, this client partnered with Mission Reuse as its strategic asset disposition partner. We provided this company with logistic services, handled its B-stock, subassemblies, excess of production, customer returns, and RMA buffer stock across America, Europe, and Asia. Mission Reuse developed expertise in all the lines of the company materials including enterprise and SMB networking, telecom, security and telephony hardware.


Example. During the transition of one of its product lines, our client needed to dispose of 47,000 legacy modems in its core channel. The company not only wanted it to be done in an environmentally responsible way but also needed to prevent any interference with its existing distribution channels operations.


Mission Reuse collected the legacy equipment from all locations and assumed all responsibility for the warranty support. We found alternative markets to resell these modems allowing our client to partially offset the cost of the legacy inventory.


As a result, none of the units ever interfered with other company channels. During the years of cooperation, Mission Reuse helped the company recover over 2 million dollars providing a continuous revenue stream from surplus and obsolete stock and eliminating the need to manage legacy technology. Mission Reuse turned a cost center into perfectly run profit center, while keeping full control over the company’s unneeded equipment on 3 major global markets.